BSc Sports Therapist 
APPI Pilates Instructor
Personal Trainer
Equine Biomechanics (In Training)

From the age of 5 i started riding horses not knowing that one day i would end up at the age of 17 working for one of the top National Hunt Yards in the country JonJo O'Neill. This started my journey into the horse world and opened my eyes to the many goings on of the horse industry. 

Unfortunately, the world of Horse Racing was not what i expected and left a sour taste in my mouth that i hope to change. Upon leaving, and with many injuries trailing behind me, i decided to pursue a career in the fitness industry and do a degree in Sports Therapy. The last 10 years i have built an extensive knowledge around the human body and its movement patterns. Not only that i now have a deeper understanding of how important it is to work on your body to help your horse. 

An unbalanced body will only create an unbalanced horse. I have now brought together my two passions and created EquitFit. A one of a kind specialised training system that brings together both the horse and rider to create an even stronger bond. You may know your horse's body inside and out, but do you know your own body?

lunge high knee equi.JPG