Helping You Help Your Horse

Here at EquitFIT we look to help you get the most from your riding. Whether you compete, ride for pleasure, or just want to feel stronger in yourself, our programmes will give you the confidence you need to take it to the next level. We are all at varying levels within our training. Our system works in stages so you can continually see progress and move from strength to strength. We work on everything from balance, core stability leg strength and elements of cardio/stamina. Nothing gets missed and you can go at your own pace. 

Image by Elisa Pitkänen
Image by Phil Hodkinson


In Stage 1 we are working to gain more symmetry with our horse. When training yourself we want to focus on these key elements for success:

Lengthening the body to create a lightness in each gait.

Learning to breath and relax so your horse does the same

Use the legs to aid the horse while maintaining an upright posture to allow for soft hands

​To achieve this we need to be working on our own bodies:

Postural Alignment 

Core Activation

Stability at the legs and pelvis

To then help you create a stronger bond.​


Now are body is fully prepped we can move on to Stage 2. This is where you get full access to our VIP Membership

Now we will be looking at:

An increase in leg strength and stability

A higher demand on core activation looking at various planes of movement

Upper body strength to enable full control of your horse while riding

Increasing stamina including more short burst of cardio based exercises


Remember Horse riding is a very demanding sport that requires a high level of fitness from the rider and not just the horse. 


Now you may find you are sitting at Stage 2 for a while. Stage 3 is for those who have been consistently training for 6 months to a year and have no injuries. Stage 3 is for those who are not just looking to focus on horse riding, but also want to explore their body more.


Stage 3 incorporates more:

Full Body Integrated Movements


More focus on body parts to get muscle tone and strength